Safety and Environment, sustainable development

Phu My 2.2 still belongs to the new generation of gas fired combined cycle power plant with two Gas Turbines General Electric 9FAe class F, a state of the art technology which enables Phu My 2.2 to generate 715 MW net, with a high efficiency of 56%.

Phu My 2.2 is a model for power generation with low environment footprint. Compared to a conventional plant, the CO2 emissions are divided by two and NOx by three.

Safety, environment and sustainable development are the key priorities of MECO.

To comply with legal and other requirements of World Bank, MONRE (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) and ISO 14001, MECO has set up environmental monitoring program to monitor: emission, noise (monthly and quarterly); ambient air, effluent at seal weir (quarterly), heat rate (monthly).

In that respect, the plant limits the impact to the natural resources such as the cooling water and city water. The differential temperature between the inlet and outlet of the cooling water for the power generation processes is always controlled and lower than the Vietnam regulation and World Bank Guidelines respectively of 7 degC and 3 degC
The usage of city water in the demineralization process is also reduced up to 20% thanks to the usage of a better chemical product (Steam mate 1321), which allows to minimize the drain/purge in the water-steam cycle process.
Moreover, all discharge liquid to the environment is strictly controlled by MECO and a third party according to MECO waste management policy. Hazardous matter is isolated in a separated pit and suck out for treatment by an authorized and qualified contractor.

MECO respects the Vietnamese regulations in waste management. All wastes are classified into four types: hazardous waste, industrial waste, domestic waste and scrap. They are properly stored, labeled, treated, and recycled by qualified contractors, and MECO is auditing regularly these contractors to check that they comply with the relevant requirements.
MECO QHSE policy states "To maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment for all employees/suppliers/visitors" and "Eliminate or minimize incidents, accident & occupational disease in our activities".

MECO has then put HSE at the highest level of its priorities from the very beginning.
In that respect, MECO is fully in line with Mr Simone ROSSI new HEAD OF EDF INTERNATIONAL, saying:
"...let me take a minute to remind of a fundamental priority for us all. Nothing is more important than ensuring that we and our colleagues go home everyday safely and in good health. We have a duty of care for each other. All harm is preventable, all harm can be avoided. Therefore, our ambition is zero harm. Every job must be done safely, no matter how important or urgent it is."

The ambition of MECO is zero harm and here below are our QHSE scores:


There was no accident for MECO staff for more than 5 years (1571 days)

Risks are reviewed during safety patrols, internal audit, observation of staff and work permit issuance.

Mitigation measures are the internal control of the processes, all hazard identification, systematic risk assessment and risk control, as well as availability-hazard identification risk assessment, and work permit procedure.

MECO staff participated in safety campaigns ''Risk management at work'', ''Traffic accident" and ''Healthy workplace manage stress''.

MECO staff get involved some subcontractors in emergency response drill and firefighting training.

MECO staff have also participated in safety training courses "Lifting safety management" and "Working at height"

HSE steering committee is hold quarterly. with the presence of the Trade Union.

To reinforce the good communication between the Direction and the Staff, staff meeting is hold every six months, dealing with MECO achievements and GM talks are organized every quarter to feedback general information about MECO.

MECO has successfully achieved all internationally industry management standards in operation and services such as ISO 14 001 in 2006, ISO 18 001 in 2007 and ISO 9 001 in 2010. These certifications are regularly renewed successfully by the international certification firms.

MECO Code of Ethics and EDF Ethic rules have been presented to all staff during a specific staff meeting in March 2014, by the GM, then MECO Code of Ethics leaflet has been given to each MECO employee. In this event, GM and MECO staff have discussed about the issue "how staff can react to harassment or discrimination". Ethics survey as part of the annual staff survey was conducted to get feedback from the staff, and an Ethic Officer has been appointed.

"MECO welcome" document includes the MECO Code of Ethic.