Meco Company Culture

In order to reinforce the sense of belonging for everybody at MECO, a Company Culture has been built.

The first step consisted in creating MECO slogan, chosen among 36 proposals submitted by MECO staff.


“Our Power, Your Future” has finally been selected and the announcement was made to all MECO staff on 16 September 2014. The author of the slogan of Mr. Nguyen Xuan Khanh of Maintenance Department.

The second step has consisted in settling “MECO 7 Golden principles (or rules) to reach Excellence”, as here below:

  1. Respect Safety rules and the Environment
  2. Think about the risks and consequences before acting
  3. Always keep in mind MECO targets
  4. Always respect MECO rules, regulations, and procedures
  5. Take full responsibilities for your job
  6. Do it well the first time
  7. Always respect and support colleagues through good coordination with others

And in order to complete the Company Culture and also to emphasize its importance for MECO, we have issued the “MECO values” as follow:

  1. Respect of people
  2. Solidarity
  3. Team spirit
  4. Commitment
  5. Performance